Workshop · Sketches of Emotion


Sketches of Emotion



3rd of August, 11:00h – 12:00h

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7€ donation


Combining contemporary dance and visual arts, this workshop is designed as a research and experimentation lab around the concept of “body language”. During the workshop, by resident artist Karen Hendrickx, we will create an intergenerational and intercultural dialogue that helps people of different generations and cultures talk to each other. The experience builds confidence, gives more creative freedom and teaches us how to connect through different art disciplines.

In addition to the connecting aspect, we also want to share the experience of creating from the whole body, where dance and visual art come together. The participants are invited to interact with the drawing material in a dancing, moving way, in order to experience how they can use the whole body during the creation process. By moving you can find your place through space and reinvent it.

By listening to the body and working from improvisation, we also switch off thinking and encourage the participants to create purely from emotion.

The ultimate goal of the workshop is to experience a unity between two languages, that of dance and visual arts, that are normally considered separate.


Who is the workshop aimed at? 

The workshop is open to educators, dancers, artists, art therapists, children, or simply to people who are curious about our working method. From 6 to 99 years old.