Meet the On-line Artist // Julia Kan

Julia Kan’s (@juliakan___) artistic journey embarks from a fascination with photography, initially serving as a medium to apprehend the surrounding spaces through visual creation. As her practice evolved, the realm of scenography opened avenues for the reinvention of these spaces. The synergy between photography and scenography intertwines, both conceptually and aesthetically.

At the core of her artistic exploration lies a thematic focus on vision, spatiality, time, transformation, and perception. These concepts manifest through a meticulous blend of visual, manual, and analog constructions, illustrating the intricate relationship between image creation and spatial reinterpretation.

During her GlogauAIR Residency, Julia is working on a project that delves into the ever-evolving landscape of image consumption. From historical canvases to contemporary screens, especially on mobile phones, she investigates the transformative impact of this prevalent mode of image interaction. By considering both personal experiences and the inherent materiality of the emerging image-object, Kan’s work becomes a captivating exploration of the dynamics within this technological shift.