Sonic Interstices



Exhibition by Samuel Perea-Díaz

as the Berlin Guest for December 2022


Opening days and times:

16th December – from 18:00h to 21:00h

17th December – from 15:00h to 21:00h

20th to 23rd December – from 15:00h to 19:00h

Free admission


Samuel Perea-Díaz is a Spanish sound artist based in Berlin. Samuel holds a degree in Architecture from the University of Sevilla and a MA in Sound Studies and Sonic Arts from the Berlin University of the Arts.

Perea-Díaz’s art installations explore spaces of mixed realities while focusing on sound. Their artwork blends and moves between time-based media, creating installations and sound-focused objects, which engage with field recording, relocation of sound, sonification, and Virtual Reality.

The artist stretches the senses of the ordinary by practicing listening walks and producing immersive sonic spaces inside and outside the gallery space. The project at GlogauAIR engages with re-exhibiting different sonic events in a sound installation as the result of an artistic research on architecture and sound. Perea-Díaz’s residency begins first with an analytical approach to the space by listening to the building and environment of GlogauAIR. It concludes with the realization of a sound installation, which presents sound-in-objectsand field recordings in a multi-channel set-up.

Samuel is interested in the possibilities of engaging, expanding, and mapping different geographies of sound. Perea-Díaz ́s installation renders a particular acoustic scenography that creates space for reflection and perception of reality.