Aileen Bahmanipour

Canada and Iran

My practice is currently centered on exploring contemporary forms of Iconoclasm. I define Iconoclasm not to reject or negate the image but to redefine it. To do that, I challenge the figure/ground relations. The ground of the image, through the history of image-making, has been always suppressed and hidden by the covering image. By vandalizing the image, the iconoclast gives an opportunity to the ground of the image to find a language, to become visible, and be part of the image. My creative process is entangled with images, how and why we make them and interact with images. Since 2009 when the Iranian regime’s restrictions maximized on Internet filters, my practice became obsessed with the diagrammatic imagery that was available to me through limited access to information, perhaps because they were neutral and not political at all. That project led me to my recent research questions about the flow of information internationally: collection and process of raw data online. I appropriate and decontextualize diagrammatic imagery to make new circuits and patent files of non-functional systems that blur the border between productivity and waste. I transform these diagrams into different visual forms of study in systematic non-functionality and stupidity.

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