Aoife Claffey


I am a multidisciplinary artist based in Cork, Ireland (b.1997). I explore human sensory perception in immersive environments. It is influenced by my interest in human behaviour and the physical exploration of site specific provisional spaces. I create installations by combining mediums such as, interactive projections, reflective found objects, lighting, printmaking with surround sound. Through a multidisciplinary approach, I enhance viewers’ experiences by emphasizing spatial and sensory effects, speculating on alternative spaces. I critically examine societal systems and power structures and often encompass notions of unpredictability, fragility and movement.

My installations are often controlled by the viewers participation with the artwork. Shadows may alternate in intensity and scale passing throughout a collaboration adapting and giving awareness of how one can affect an environment. Reflective and translucent objects shift, and transparent layers of imagery and sound transform unexpectedly each time the work is experienced.

During the process of making I often allow activity to go beyond my control. The work investigates subtly destabilising yet uncanny effects with constant fluctuations which can be engaged with both in a physical but psychological manner. A collective experience but experienced individually.

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