Néstor García Díaz


Despite having an educational background which focused in performing arts, Nestor Garcia’s career has been strongly linked to the visual arts since graduation. Since 2012, he has been working regularly within museum institutions, presenting work by Tino Sehgal and Dora García, among others. Most of his experience and development as a performer has taken place within the contemporary art museum.

Garcia’s position as a partial outsider — coming from another discipline but developing a body of work within the visual arts — allows him to introduce another perspective to the way the artwork and the exhibition context are conceived. Since he is coming from the performing arts, the variable of time is crucial to his pieces, and the way they unfold throughout the course of an exhibition. The body of the viewer and how it places itself in the exhibition space also plays a central role in how he thinks about the exhibition display.

Garcia’s practice is informed by concepts as “social choreography”, in other words, how choreography can be a structuring blueprint for shaping modern social organization. Ideology, in this case, is understood as something embodied and practiced, and not just as an abstract form of consciousness. At the same time, he filters this idea of social choreography through the lenses of new materialism, taking in consideration the forces of nonhuman actants in the configurations of power structures.

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