Showcase // Sònia Toneu

From the 04/03/2020

until the 11/03/2020

Stadtplan // Sònia Toneu

Sònia Toneu grew up in a remote rural area in northeast Spain, which allowed her to develop a close relationship to nature. Her current work reconfigures the contemporary landscape. Sònia Toneu constructs, destroys and reconstructs images, combining geometric structures and expressive drawing with vibrant colors, maps, circuits and horizons. Through this she addresses the coexistence of sound, light, movement, structure and natural energy in a single space.
The focus of the project at GlogauAIR is on the exploration of the Berlin Landscape, its history and how it transitions from physical to emotional space through reverberation in time. Experimental works of painting, drawing, installation, sound and special intervention generate a sensorial description of the city blocks, walls and emotional borders that make up the subjective landscape and the current soul of Berlin.

You will be able to see more of Sònia’s work at our upcoming Open Studios on March 20th & 21st!

Sonia Toneu_Stadtplan