Marla Jacarilla


A good artist statement should describe perfectly the interests of its author. It should talk about how, about why, about when, about where. It should describe methods, reasons, rithms and locations. My statement could talk about literature, cinema, narrativity, fragmentations, hypertexts. About letters making up words, making up sentences, making up paragraphs, making up chapters which tell us a story. About myths, legends, stories, histories, hysterias, fictions, frictions, obsesions and persistences. About protasis, epitasis, catastrophes which disintegrate in order to get a rhizomatic structure with a new meaning. It could include some philosophical quotes, some of those that keep us awake. It could talk about simulations, spectacles and punctums. About topics that, even if we want to avoid them, are always in our minds, words and thoughts. It could talk about my working process; perhaps too methodical, too obsessive, too absurd. It could try to define (probably in vain) my deconstruction and reconstruction processes, using texts based on images and images based on texts. It could explain that I use literature, photography, video or net art. It could explain that actually, medium is just a tool for me. It could tell these things and many more. Maybe different ones, more appropriate for a statement.

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