Uma Halsted

United States

Imagine feeling. Floating in a body, concentrated with saltwater. Your internal water reaches out and your skin dissolves to greet this new home. You are here. Then you remember your eyes and their act of seeing the material that hangs before you.

Always returning to organic forms, my work explores bodies of water and how their puddling and spreading properties connect the human experience with the earth through shared memories of the womb. I make large-scale paintings that become sculptural forms in spatial installations. The process of creation is as important as my final paintings themselves, evoking performance-art through traces of my touch.

My paintings transcend the frame, molding themselves into organic, bulbous forms of unstretched canvas. They expose their own insides and become waste receptacles of discarded pigment, transmitting water like a membrane in osmosis. What I exhibit is the imprint of transmitted paint from one canvas to another, from one side to the other, and the trace of what has been painted in the past and grows into a form in the present. Like water, my works are unfixed and constantly morphing beyond formal interpretation.

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