Rey & Maurí

France and Spain

Nathalie Rey and Enric Maurí, maintain their own independent projects, however, since 2018, they have crossed languages and artistic interests to address different issues from an aesthetic and discursive complexity. Nathalie Rey had a long academic career in the field of Humanities, with a Ph.D. in architecture, a degree in Literature and in Fine Arts, before dedicating herself to artistic creation. Currently, she works with galleries in Barcelona, Madrid and London. Her work, technically eclectic, has followed a kind of narrative thread for years, which oscillates between episodes of contemporary history and personal events. Thus a disturbing parallel is being generated between the dramas of Humanity and individual wounds.

At the same time, she adopts an anti-mercantile position, since she relates and expresses through an ironic pop aesthetic characterized by the artistic re-use of waste and materials of industrial origin, the attraction / repulsion that the human and ecological tragedies inherent in our society arouses in her. Enric Maurí works on different registers and makes free use of languages. He uses a variety of media, such as painting, drawing, sculpture, video, installation, photography or performance. His work is articulated around questioning and questioning as a mechanism for debate and thought. He looks at the world to contemplate it but also to think and think about himself, with others and with objects, and with the landscape. Rather than producing new objects, he creates unexpected interactions. Because the same way things generate space, space also originates situations and new interconnections, and can produce in a similar way the conditions for the appearance of new objects, spontaneous creations, deposits that reverberate and converse with each other and generate new articulations. He has participated in the creation of art magazines and artistic spaces and has also curated contemporary art cycles.

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