Open rehearsal by Vincent Laju



Performance series


Dates: 16th November, 30th November and 7th December 2021


As part of its residency in GlogauAIR, resident artist Vincent Laju presents a cycle of 3 performances. Works in progress, these moments will be an opportunity for him to experiment with his sound and graphic research, each time Vincent Laju will invite a different musician / performer from Berlin. Moreover, on the event taking place on the 16th of November, resident artists Nathalie Rey and Enric Maurí will also perform L'Ourse écorchée.


16th November

Strates by Vincent Laju (Shakuhachi, drawings) & Elo Masing (Violin)

Duration: 25 min

Experience about sound and visual lines, their approach or their distance, their synchronization or their shifts, the resonances and the thicknesses that emerge. Strates evokes the different depths. 


L’Ourse écorchée [The Skinned Bear] (2021), performance by Nathalie Rey and Enric Maurí

Duration: 40 min

The performance L'Ourse écorchée by Nathalie Rey and Enric Maurí is inspired by the Work Sessions Performance TRASA V = BPLWB 78 79, carried out by Jordi Benito at the Joan Miró Foundation from June 13th to 15th, 1979 and in the installation "A the doors of Linares ", presented in the 90s in the Metrònom room and again this year, on the occasion of the donation of the Rafael Tous collection to Macba.

It belongs to a larger project entitled "The Conspiratorial Artist" in which Maurí and Rey propose revisited versions of a selection of works that have been censored throughout the history of Art, with the aim of highlighting the role of art in the fight for freedom of expression as a destabilizing instrument that pushes society to reflect on its own moral limits.


30th November 

Performance by Vincent Laju (Shakuhachi, drawings) & Andeas Voccia (Modular synthetiseur)


7th December

Performance by Vincent Laju (Shakuhachi, drawings) & Samin Son (voice performance)