Showcase // Rey & Maurí

From the 08/11/2021

until the 15/11/2021

Moscateer (2021) 

Video 14’21’ (fragment) 

Photos 26,7 x 40 cm 

This work is a reflection on the limits of the animal protection issue. The rosary refers to the short film Collar de moscas [Flies necklace] (2001) by Bigas Luna, in which a woman's hands with painted nails make a necklace with live insects. A voice-over comments how the woman in the video "discovers the exact place to insert the needle so that the flies stay alive" and “the ecstasy produced by the brush of the desperate legs and trembling wings against her skin”. 

Below the video (Youtube) there are comments such as: 

rocket520vng: And what does the animal protector think about the arakiri that they do to the flies for cinematographic purposes??? 

Uss Burgos: Honestly, this is unbearable. Not because of the revulsion that flies causes me, but because it makes me sick to see a live animal being nailed. 

You’ll be able to see more of Rey and Mauri’s work during our Open Studios on December 17th 

@nathalierey_oficial and @enricmauri5