Laure Winants


The whirlwind of stardust. The tide of the sea. The irruption of a volcano. These childlike fascinations bring to the fore the continuous going back and forth between science and the mystery of nature. They are at the core of my photographic work as I’ve been dialoguing, since 2010, with scientists who explore and document natural phenomenon.
Nature has a will of its own. It always finds its way outside of the humankind culture and its influence. A volcano for instance is still something non-negotiable. We attend to measure the world around us through our physical presence, how we engage with our surrounds, and how we perceive color, time, motion and scale.
The aim of my work is to tackle the environmental issues through different prisms, to confront both the scientific and the artistic point of views on ways we enter in relation to our environment, to the natural phenomenon and their aesthetic
perceptions and to discover new forms of data.

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