Showcase // Laure Winants

From the 04/11/2020

until the 11/11/2020

Anyway the wind blows (2020) // Photoetching

Nature has a will of its own. It has always been outside of what the culture of humankind has been able to influence. A volcano is still something non-negotiable. We attend to measure the world around us through our physical presence, how we engage with our surroundings, and how we perceive color, time, motion and scale. When you are next to the volcano, It’s not possible to see the shape of it; you have to walk around it to feel the scale. If you are unfamiliar with the terrain, you wonder if it is going to take you three hours, three days or three weeks to walk to it.

– If you don’t move, you never find out –

We thought we were protected by progress, we are now rediscovering our fragility. Laure’s ecological commitment invites her to highlight the research of certain scientists in the field of the environment, the relevance and urgency of which deserve the greatest attention and especially a plurality of responses, solutions, attention and care. Of course, as artists and exhibition spaces, we will have to reinvent ourselves. Change frequencies. But remember that no virus is transmitted by the act of looking. Moreover, it is the eyes that remain behind the masks. It keeps us connected to each other.

You’ll be able to see more of Laure’s work during our upcoming Open Studios in December 2020.

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