Laurent Trezegnies


My pictorial practice has driven me to exploit various industrial materials. Those ordinary materials, for which the expressive capacity is usually non existent, I divert them from their primary function, to integrate them in a work with an aesthetic and plastic reach.

I am also interested in “ordinary place to live”, these countless location which form the general scenery, anonymous, unknown and even despised by our actions, and particularly on the urban living locations.

When I intervene on a place, the purpose is double; first of all, the idea is to define the sensitivity of places, in terms of localization, history and symbolic values of the places, in a way , carry out a “critical inventory of ordinariness”.
On the other hand, in accordance with these elements we could call “biographic”, I integrate those used materials in the installation. Moving the eyes between the place and the novelty brought contribute to a recovery of the place by the viewer. This practice-based artistic research intend to introduce and stimulate a “public reflection” on art, it’s place in our environment, and the relation we usually have with it.

The “physicals elements”(such as sticky tape, tube, strap, etc.) of my work are composed of an expressive range. Those elements are on artwork’s service.

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