Devin Chambers


Devin Chambers is a Canadian new media artist and community organizer. He is interested in interactive work, relational aesthetics, and the intersection of art and technology. His current body of work studies the warping and poetic nature of memories that exist in both physical and digital spaces. These memories are linked to the stark and unchanging non-spaces around us.

These non-spaces often serve an industrial or structural purpose, but have unintended and more important secondary purposes. They are meant to be moved through and not lingered in. These disposable, private spaces can support youthful revelry, contemplation, and escapism. They are a venue for activities that in other spaces are deemed inappropriate or shameful by either the controllers of the spaces or ourselves.

The memories imbued in these tired places appear all at the same time making it impossible to establish a clear narrative as if everything happened at the same time. Over time these memories become fragmented, removed from their emotional context, and endlessly misremembered. Revisiting the reality of these places forces a sense of honesty onto our narratives.

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