Isabel Englebert


I am an Argentinian, post-conceptual artist working at the intersection of science, technology and philosophy. With a degree in Communication Sciences, and  having taken several courses and independent research across very diverse disciplines, I have developed my unique poetic, material and conceptual practice valuing a vision where north and south meet. I extrapolate and juxtapose ideas and techniques from seemingly disconnected fields to engender a unique worldview.

Since my beginnings, my work has represented for me a tool of self-analysis, introspection and search. Having a traditional upbringing, with a rigorous academic training and a corporate professional career in a multinational, I always respected the classic parameters, without questioning. It was the marked path, and I was who and how I was supposed to be.

At one point in my journey, going through changes and forging new patterns of thinking, I began to ask myself questions such as: what exactly makes us who we are? How much of the other is there in me? How do I build myself?

My practice, strongly self-referential (I work with my brain waves, my genome, my brain MRIs, etc.), delves into the concept of identity, reflecting on the ultimate idea of the collective and anonymous subject. I raise the question of the self-construction of the SELF, in these times of revolutionary technological advances and genetic engineering, the principle of eternal change and constant fluidity together with the never more current concept of media hyperreality, intertwined with a surrealist look.

A very strong drive appears in my research, a need to know, to reach the truth. Is it possible to reach any truth? This question has led me to become obsessed with science, on the one hand, and with philosophy. Which, added to my interest in new technologies, forms the basis of all my research. Each topic I address requires in-depth study, completely immersing myself, training and consulting the best experts.

My works combine neuroscientific research, brain waves, genomic maps, binary code, algorithms, sound engineering, interactive systems, virtuality and hyperreality. The media I use to express my ideas include sculpture, drawing, video, performance, installation and even Artificial Intelligence and blockchain.

At the confluence of disciplines, materials and media, I seek to build my own language, giving rise to abstract reflections and dialogues between artist and viewer, while innovating in the forms of representation and experimentation of works of art.

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