Katija Bogdanic


Katija Bogdanić experiments with a combination of unconventional acrylic materials that allows her to paint sculpturally onto the canvas. This unique impasto technique is embedded with playful desaturates while utilizing gestural movements. Through the abstracted representations of caves, houses, and openings, the artist depicts a narrative of inhabiting liminality. Evolutions towards forming a physical and psychological sense of belonging are the fundamental concepts of her creative process. These deeply enigmatic periods of in-between space, transition, uncertainty, displacement, or relocation are vital moments for transformation.

Caves are depicted in the work as a universal, existential metaphor to represent the space of adaptation. There is an ambiguity to a cave’s symbolic implications, whether it’s a shelter, house, form of survival, or an opportunity to explore the unknown. In this way the paintings not only push the boundaries of dimensionality but also the extent to be explicit in nature. That which is not immediately apprehensible allows a level of tolerance and vulnerability.

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