threads of identity, Video, 4’ 13”, 2024

This new series is about the complex and ever-evolving world of feminine identity, focusing on the interplay between the unique wiring of the female brain, societal mandates, and the transformative impact of technology. With a strong autoreferential view, I intend to question the traditional roles and expectations imposed upon women, while simultaneously highlighting the unique challenges and opportunities that arise in the face of rapid technological change.

To embody the first part of this series, I utilized my own worn clothes as the primary medium, infusing each piece with a deeply personal and intimate narrative. These garments, imbued with the traces of my lived experiences, serve as a metaphor for the layers of societal conditioning and individual identity that shape the female experience. By deconstructing, manipulating, and reassembling these materials, I seek to create a visual language that speaks to the complexity and fluidity of the feminine psyche.

In addition, I incorporated recordings of my own brain waves to give a sense of my thoughts and unspoken feelings and sensations. This element provides an intimate glimpse into my mind, adding another layer to the narrative, allowing viewers to engage with the invisible and internal aspects of identity and thought processes.