Junyi Lu


Junyi Lu is a painter and comic artist born in Guangzhou, China. She graduated from Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, United States in 2018. Her works take a philosophical view on a person’s existence in the universe, in relation to either the society or nature. She believes such existence is full of absurdities, such as people always desire the things they cannot have. The artist portrays these absurdities through a sense of humor, because she finds these serious and heavy moments in life are often also ironic and comical when they are looked back from later. Her paintings and comics contain obscure expressionless figures set in whimsical and surreal scenes, leaving a funny and speechless feeling to the viewers. Junyi Lu explores varied mediums including gouache, acrylic and oil, and carefully designs each layer of paint, in order to create both visual and physical depth on canvases. Her works have been exhibited in City-Play Art Studio in Shanghai, SPUR Gallery and Julian Allen Illustration Gallery in Baltimore. She has been accepted by French comic website Grandpapier and her comics have been featured in Small Press Expo 2018 book fair in Washington D.C. and the Thanksgiving book fair of Fou Gallery in New York.

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