Showcase // Junyi Lu

From the 12/02/2020

until the 19/02/2020

The Language on Your Skin // Junyi Lu

Junyi Lu’s practice is specialized in paintings with varied mediums in order to create absurd scenes evoking subtle responses. These responses convey a philosophical view on one’s existence in the universe, in relation to both the society and nature.

For the current work on display in GlogauAIR’s showcase The Language on Your Skin, the artist recorded the pattern on 20 trees, which she has encountered in Berlin. Inspired by Braille that enables reading without relying on vision, this work of art develops a new language by flattening the three-dimensional texture on tree trunks to a two-dimensional pattern.

The piece contains an acrylic model of tree barks encouraging people to read by touching, as well as drawings of tree patterns, implying a language of the nature neglected by people’s perceptions because of the reliance and limitation of text. The intention here is to make people question the limitations of language and bring it to our attention.

The Language on Your Skin