Marie Jeanne Hoffner


Mainly site specific, my work is dealing with the context, often a work which literally takes
place, mostly contextual, creating a dialog with the space where it is shown.
The architecture, the post modern references, the use of simple materials, are core to the
My drawings, wall drawings and architectural installations reflect a perception of space as
map, a living space and place for the body, with a translation of space which is both physical
and metaphysical. On one hand, lines, plans and volumes propose a concrete experience of
space, whereas on the other, semantic superimposition, big scale photos, and fake drawn
perspectives suggest an imaginary space that doubles our first apprehension of reality.
My practice is focusing on the perception of the architecture, by building up installations that
involves the viewer into the work.

The layout, removal, transparency, mirroring and folding of materials are recurrent notions in
the work, allowing to approach architecture through a dialog with its structural elements, also
by involving the notion of process, in which the gesture, often brings life to objects and space.
This combination of formal riguour and physicality enables me to have a practice both
constructed and sensitive, where the space can also appear as a mental projection.
My work reflects upon the place one’s lives in or/and the place where you show the work, and
questions how they are inhabiting us.

Responding to places, I’m trying to build works that could relate to a sensitive architecture,
involving the notions of displacement, memory and place, deconstruction and reconstruction,
so that the audience can practice and experiment those spaces in various ways

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