Pádraic Barrett


My work is a response to techno-capitalist structures and explores alternative vantage points in the realm of the Anthropocene, that contains a mapping of futurity. By placing the queer body in a suspended and simulated space in time, I allude to the activation of a state of heterotopia and imagine other ways of being in the world.

I merge performance, film and installation to explore human and machine agency through bodily and technological frameworks that can open a space for reflection on the nature of our contemporary experience. These complex relationships are interrogated through nonhuman imagery and post-human landscapes, casting resonances on how the current world is constructed. This demonstrates how the body can mediate the tension between cinematic modes and how we live our lives.

Explorations of the social and spatial experience to the ubiquity of machines are impressed upon by fictional frameworks that have a direct port into our lives. The work seeks out political imagination and presents a modelling of worlds past and future as a mode of thinking, sensing and seeing across time.

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