Marcos Kaiser Mori


As an artist, a keen interest in history, architecture, music and theory led him to discover sculpture and installation as an ideal means of expression. A wide array of experiences helped this choice during Marcos Kaiser’s formative years, ranging from apprenticeships in musical instrument making to education and practice in mechanics, restoration, carpentry and metalwork. While still studying arts, the artist worked as an assistant for different
artists, slowly but steadily working towards finding his own artistic voice.

The emergence of a mature body of work occurred towards 2014, when the outlines of his main interests were finally envisaged. Since then, an output ranging from sculpture to installation and sound art, privileging themes related to memory, corruption, decay, and time-driven transformation in objects favoured the use of materials burdened or imbued with a symbolical or historical meaning. Materials and sound tend to be used in both abstract and concrete ways: scaled representations of architecture use materials that mimic others while preserving their character at the same time. Sound can be collected or created. A conflicting or contrasting relation with the environment is integral to the work, and therefore desirable.

In general, his artistic process involves mapping and studying the subject, while making and collecting objects, continuously reworked or re-created subsequently in plaster, wood, cement or metal, in a similar way as his writings and engravings, where lines are overlaid and rewritten, until a final statement emerges. During this fine-tuning, several unfinished works are abandoned or destroyed, but Marcos feels confident that the process is of interest to other artists and observers, whom he is always pleased to engage with.

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