Honey Forestier


Painting reality yet leaving context behind.
Through painting Honey likes to appropriate situations and objects, to play with them, creating a collection of fragments that connect with one another but can also function on their own. She looks for things in images and photographs that are part of my life and give them the power to exist and shine as something else: paint.

She wishes to treat her subjects with intimacy, whether they are friends or objects, but without making them feel so private the viewer is unable to grasp their meaning. Most of all, she wishes to be an honest painter, able to explore her own feelings, relationships and intuitions with paint while surrounded by life in both its absurdity and preciousness.

By playing with the kind of incongruous associations that arise between images she wishes to elevate her paintings to a place between humor and wonder. Inspired by genrelike scenes, Honey’s paintings show real life people caught in particular moments, but the combination of these moments in the juxtaposed images transforms them. Creating a feeling of being out of time.

Honey’s goal is not to make a merely “critical” work, but one that embraces both a satirical observation of life in general and a poetic reflection of her own.

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