Showcase // Honey Forestier

From the 04/05/2021

until the 11/05/2021

Click and Connect (2021)
Acrylic paint, pencil and soft pastel on paper

An introspective work where depictions of both solitary figures
and humorous hybrids are organized and subtlety placed in
corners, just like apps and folders on our screens. They have a
“clickable” quality that convey a familiar feeling in today’s digital
age. I am persistently looking for things in ordinary life and
give them the power to exist and grow as something else in
painting form. Some elements are only stylized representations
of themselves, some are more direct and spirited. They coexist
in a peculiar detached way, not knowing where their story is
going. Each element is on its own, disconnected yet lines
intertwine and can’t seem to function without the others.

This is a Kreuzberg inspired piece with the canal as a reference.
The muted imagery can either create a sense of reassuring
peacefulness or existential emptiness. Ultimately, this playful
scene and its mischievous animal can potentially sooth our
daily anxiety and put things into perspective. It can help
confront our emotions, take a break and free our brain from
the constant overstimulation of the outside world and the
online one. An attempt to find some sort of serenity within
chaos with clean edges, flat lines of paint and amusing
characters as a lifeline.

Q2_2021_Showcase_Honey Forestier_05