Ioanna Lamprou


Born and raised in Athens, the artist moved to the UK in 2019 to pursue her studies in the Manchester School of Architecture. While she launched her professional art practice after graduating in 2022 with her exhibition in the Trinity Buoy Wharf Working Drawing Prize in London, she was first immersed in the arts and design industry upon the completion of an Foundation in Arts program in 2019. Her interest has continuously lied in the role of hand drawing in contemporary architectural design and representation. 

She further developed her skill set throughout her studies in Manchester, where she first grew an interest in digital art and design. After exhibiting in the Manchester Society of Architects awards and in the annual university Degree Show in 2022, she started her role as an architectural assistant at Simpsonhaugh Architects in Manchester. After her industry placement, she now resides and continues her artistic practice in the United Kingdom.

Her drawing practice is rooted in the principles of collage making and is highly cryptic with a focus in composition. She is interested in the search for sustainable design solutions and the use of structural timber in the world of construction. Her drawings celebrate the developmental process of design proposals while experimenting with geometrical element material properties and unusual primary wooden structures. The combination of architectural test models and graphite hand drawings in one artwork represents a world of design possibilities. Depicted in various geometric orientations, the three-dimensional structures gain numerous new lives and are choreographed to represent a variety of modeled opportunities.

The artist aims to create generative and speculative drawings which counteract the simplistic and reductionist graphic style of modern day  architectural technical drawings. She takes interest in the act of visualizing conceptual ideas by warping traditionally dominant and formal organizational design elements. 

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