Lars van de Grift


Central to my work is the urge to identify conflict as a means of creating. Specifically, adult conflict guides me in creating free play zones: a free standing reflective playing field. In my videos and live performances I aim to nourish a multiple reality where directed and spontaneous reactions intersect. ‘Show your babies to Hella van Eem’ is a recent video work. The work follows a social experiment. Hella is a farmer lady and a known person from my youth. In this work she is forced to enter into a new experience. Changes in the environment, from farm to city, are directed and form a spontaneous, yet to an extent a forced transition. In my work I unravel the causes behind different attitudes and desires between Hella’s and my reality. I also paint. I’m working in a direct way. I don’t see these works as paintings, but as prints or materials to interact with, even within another medium. I work with rough textures, a free standing use of materials and rigid colour compositions.

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