Lorna Sinclair

United Kingdom

Lorna’s paintings are inspired by her European, Scottish and Irish travels, as well as scenes from her everyday life. Having lived in the Mediterranean area for a year post graduation, as well as more recently completing a six-week art residency in Cyprus, Lorna’s colour palette has been heavily influenced by the vibrant hues of her local surroundings.

Colour is at the forefront of Lorna’s work. Every painting is directed by colour, for it is colour that inspires and moves her to paint. The Fauvists have greatly impacted Lorna’s artistic style and perception of painting; using uninhibited pure colour, rich textures and applying a spontaneous energy to her work is fundamental to Lorna’s practice. Lorna aims to excite and transfer this energy to the viewer through gestural brushstrokes and the thick, physical layering of oil pastels which she predominately uses. In particular, a focus on the changing light within remote and local landscapes, botanical gardens or the expansive view from her studio windows, drives her to paint.

Ultimately, Lorna wants to provide a sense of escapism to the viewer; offering a new, colourful reality for them to immerse themselves into.


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