Showcase // Lorna Sinclair

From the 12/10/2021

until the 19/10/2021

New Faces in Dreamer’s Land (2021)

My paintings incorporate elements of different faces, nature, colours and patterns that respond to my current surroundings, combined with the
memories of places previously visited. In turn, this creates a dreamlike feel to my paintings – conjuring a new, more colourful reality, which I welcome the viewer to escape into. These two figures by the canal in Kreuzberg have been depicted through this surreal lens, where motifs including date trees from a former residency in Cyprus merge with local scenes from Berlin.

I want to further explore the boundaries of painting, through mark-making, colours and textures whilst in Berlin; painting and drawing from my
imagination, memory, and life- celebrating the physical process of painting in a rapidly digitalising era. Within the dialogue between imagery that has imprinted on my mind through former travels, merged with drawings that respond to my immediate surroundings, I want to create other-worldly scenes within my paintings.

You’ll be able to see more of Lorna Sinclair’s work during our Open Studios on
December 17th!