Rawan Aseedan

Saudi Arabia

Rawan Aseedan is a Saudi Arabian graduate from the University of Brighton. Rawan Aseedan is a specialist in Fine art print making and has a BA in Fine Art Print Making and is currently based in London studying a postgraduate degree in MA Print. 

Over the past couple of years Rawan has utilised her passion and experiences to inform her works, and has developed a specialism in ‘Screen Printing’ through the use of various mixed media objects and fabrics. Rawan has a fascination in the ways fabrics act, and is popularly known to utilise silk, cotton and scrim to develop her pieces of art and utilises these fabrics, and the addition of printing to create her large-scale multimedia installations pieces.

In addition to this, Rawan uses the inclusion of ‘Videography’ within her works to create short films to depict her vision and captures the audience through her careful selection of sound, Arabic text, Arabic calligraphy and personal experiences to inform her works. Rawan is famously known for her previous works that were exhibited at the Hove Museum on the 6th March 2019, where Rawan Aseedan’s art work Titled ‘ Amah’ – screen print was also featured as a print on paper at the Southwark Park Galleries online web store.

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