Cristina Santos Muniesa

Fading Attention

Cristina Santos Muniesa proposes us through this online project a series of reflections. Is it the same thing engagement than attention? When we are scrolling down for more than an hour on Instagram, are we still giving meaning to the images we see? What will we remember at the end of this time spend? The artist confronts us to an archive of her own screenshots and photographs taken with her smartphone through time. Images that were enough meaningful to her to deserve an action: to be captured, to be saved. Some concepts may appear: blurred, shaked or pixelated images, representation and language in different grades of symbolism: Images in different levels of disappearance. Even though, how can we tell if these actions are thoughtful enough? They come as easy as just a click or sliding a finger through a screen. Thinking and not thinking, consciousness and action without aim, or immersed in the fading of the meaning.


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