The discourses of architecture and art constantly omit critical realities that are generated as a consequence of the materials we use to think and create, such as extractivism, mining operations, urban and natural peripheries, the origin of the land and the minerals that we use. Resource depletion is accelerating desertification, aridity is subtly but violently undermining landscapes all over the planet, through an irreversible process that will affect the way we inhabit them.

Waldglass was born from the observation of two materials that caught our attention in this context of planetary change. Sand, as a protagonist of an imminent desertification process which takes place in present times, and as a base material for glass production. And high temperatures as a speculative material that will significantly alter and devour the landscapes of the future. The experimental sculptures we are developing intend to mirror the way temperature can act as a catalyst for critical changes in industrial materials such as glass. By melting and transforming this material in a kiln at 1050 degrees, high temperatures destroy its industrial form and transforms it in an inevitable renaturalized material which is generated unpredictably by its own inertia showing itself as it is: a fluid. The final shapes evoke an illusion of post-industrial ruins or scenes through hostile objects with both sharp and delicate edges, raising questions about post and past landscapes and their material traces. A premonition of what is yet to come.