Performance Salon



Performance Salon at GlogauAIR (Project Space)

Date: Tuesday, August 24th, from 6.30 pm

Entrance: Free entrance.

Limited capacity: 25 people (FULLY BOOKED)

Upon entry:  negative test / proof of full vaccination / proof of recovery not older than 6 months



by Franco Palioff

The performance “HERESYATOR-2000” is the presentation of a fictional product for public spaces. It consists of a 3D video advertisement and a demonstration of the built product.

This product consists of a machine that scans the user’s face in real-time and uses machine learning tools to determine their percentage of happiness and gender. The machine tortures the user at a rate proportional to the lack of masculinity and happiness. 

The absurd parallel created simultaneously critiques how commercial software uses deep learning tools to define gender into binary classifications while also returning torture to its origins as a public spectacle, which gives people the power to protest the validity of the punishment.

It all criticizes a standardized archetype of superficial success promoted by social media and neoliberalism, where now instead of having the obscure path to experience it, you can buy the “HERESYATOR-2000” and have the raw experience of understanding yourself in a visceral way.



by Vincent Laju – electroacoustic, shakuhachi.

Julia Brüssel – violin

Resonance of words, forms and patterns, accumulation and emptiness, how to inhabit silence?

Vincent Laju works with mediums such as electroacoustic, shakuhachi, cello and drawing for composition and improvisation.

In his residence at GlogauAIR, he works on the theme of accumulation and void.

This performance is a step of work: from interviews and field recordings, he works with words and sounds as material, that he slightly modifies with electronics, he invited Julia Brüssel to perform with him (shakuhachi & cello) on this electroacoustic composition.


Everything in Life is Vibration – Albert Einstein

by Mette Sanggaard and Charity Be

Resident artists Mette Sanggaard and Charity Be experiment with the frequencies and fields of magnetic attraction in consideration of how energies interact between bodies and lifeforms. Our individual frequencies are all unique and yet, also interdependent. What happens when we try to sync these energies and how do they react to engagements with pronounced magnetic fields? This choreographed performance precedes a participatory performance for public engagement in September.