Scarlett Morrow’s art comes from a personal place but she wants her art to be about you, the viewer. Using predominantly video she exposes parts of herself, aiming for the audience to introspect whilst watching. She wants to use her voice as a platform to speak about the unspoken. She focuses on the experience of being a woman. She tells her own experiences, but through this, she hopes to be a voice for others too. She wants to open up the conversation about the everyday struggles of living as a woman, from getting cat-called to being sexually assaulted. She uses video as a method of conversation.


Her process often starts with continuous writing. Text is very important in her work. Using this method of exploring through writing she is able to expose more truth, allowing the content to be rawer. She is determined to keep the engagement of the viewer, often achieving this by layering such audio and imagery with her own text. She enjoys using her own previous footage and sound recordings, to create an archive of experiences.

At GlogauAIR Morrow completed a new work ‘TO MY MEN’, which is a continuation of her project ‘DEAR MEN’. In this video, she addresses her particular experiences and the men that have abused their power in her life. Morrow focuses on four particular stories. Then takes you into her head, expressing the pain and trouble of dealing with multiple events. Similar to all her work, Morrow hopes that the viewer will either find a moment to connect and voice their own stories or, the viewer will begin to understand the effect of sexual assault on a person.

June 2022
Video, Stereo
2 minutes 41 seconds