Work Description
Recorded gestural compositions.
Part of the sculptural installation Als – Άλς.

The work addresses the interrelationship of spatial, social, political and ecological narratives. Environments are shaped beyond the scale of human existence, a slow accumulation, dissolution, and migration of material.


Where we see a mass of fragments, we are only witnessing a brief moment in the process of change and evolution.


The artist is interested in materials that are both literal and symbolic.


Just as it dissolves in water but can later recrystallize, salt represents the alchemical process of things being broken down into their individual elements, purified, and returned integrated to the whole.


Nasia Papavasiliou’s gestural compositions t are an attempt to resonate meanings within our existential spatiality and territorial behaviours about space and how it connects us and to point to the ways in which it contains us and we attempt to contain it in response.


The work will be unfolded by its process made through various technologies of performance live and pre-recorded for the Open Studios exhibition on the 17th June.


The Installation will be activated through the artist alongside Katarzyna Debska (live visual effects and performance) and the live sound of Jerzy Maczynski (Jerry&The Pelican System).


Credits: Annabel Paran, Zane Prater, Eloise Gillow, Sophie Peters