Klára Grančičová is a Czech artist working in drawing and installation. Her practice revolves around analysing patterns of thought, subjectivity of perception, and language through plain mark-making. Drawing on a visual vocabulary rooted in synaesthesia, she strives to navigate the overwhelming complexities of our information-saturated world with an economy of lines and shapes.

During her residency at GlogauAIR, Grančičová has been developing a series of works on paper based on cognitive biasessystematic errors in thinking that occur when people are processing and interpreting information. We live in a world so saturated with information that we are no longer able to manage to wade through it. So, we reach for shortcuts and simplifications. These shortcuts, while often helpful, can also lead to serious miscalculations in judgement and negatively affect our actions. And as the complexity increases, so does our irrationality.

In the practice of cognitive bias mitigation, awareness is the first step. Grančičová seeks to map the unconscious, the concealed and lay it out in concrete forms. She does this not to forge another opinion but rather to examine and point to the process of becoming aware of our thinking patterns. What happens when we look at things anew, with the eyes of a beginner?