Hyunseo Cho (Haeum) is a multimedia artist based in Seoul, South Korea. She is interested in exploring how the online and offline world is related, how modern people live, and what forms of life will be pictured in the future. She focuses mainly on drawing in the virtual space collaborating with different technology such as AI, VR, AR, and videos. And she likes to express in a material sense by transferring them into the physical space through installation art.

Recently she has been exploring how artists and Artificial Intelligence technology (AI) can collaborate. In this project called ‘Pygmalion Project’, Cho tries to complete a virtual statue called ‘Galateia’ in reference to the Greek myth of ideal beauty.

Cho specifically decided to collaborate with AI because it is not a tool built to be objective, it carries the bias of the human that coded and fed the memory of that specific technology. Cho sensibly draws and paints different parts of a ‘beautiful’ body that are classified and digested by the AI memory as ‘right’. In this duo between artist and machine, ‘Galateia’ summarises the different views of beauty, assembling them together and completing the artwork.

These works expressed the process of completing 'Galetheia'. Currently ‘Galateia’ is a digital sculpture and a selection of paintings but in the future, it could be expanded to video art, an IRL (in real life) sculpture or other physical materialisation.