With an academic background in ethnology and through mediums such as photography, video and film Hanna Abrahamsson explore social relationships and human behaviour.

She works with ambivalence and symbols to understand us humans as part of larger societal structures and phenomena and to examine how these are reflected in our everyday lives. In her work she often has a focus on power, dependency, and control and where the camera is used to put roles in new perspectives. Her recent projects explore the relationship between child and adult and the role of the parent.

Besides that, she is also interested in the human relationship to time and the transience in life. Her process takes inspiration from daily life, using personal snapshots and writing fragments from observations. In Abrahamsson's works she moves between the personal and the universal, between past and present, in a hybrid of the staged and the documentary.

Video installation, 02:45 min, 03:00 min, 01:47 min, 2021

Band consists of three video works that explore power relations and dependency in a child – parent relationship. In these works, the physical objects and the autobiographical are used as methods to highlight power as something involuntary that shifts over time. The three videos can be seen together or separately.

Mothers heart/ All we have is now
(Ongoing project)
Video 15:05 min, 2022

In this video we get to follow the artist through her mobile camera, edited from fragmentary parts of a longer stay in Berlin. The cameras position provides us with a narrative in which symbolic images of everyday life becomes an expression of the minds inner conflicts to represent transience and time as well as the conflict between the self and motherhood.