(Oil on canvas, 70x70cm)

Here, not here
Light, dark




(Oil on canvas, 15x15cm)

Flying past step by step
You’re a world
I’ll never know

(Oil on paper, 21x29cm)

Lonely in a crowd
Protesting your freedom and health
As you drink to the cause




(Oil on canvas, 41x41cm)

Who are you?
Where are you going to
and coming from?
Was it good?

The Gathering 
(Oil on canvas, 185x85cm)

Who do you include?
Who do you exclude?

Look out the window
(Oil on canvas, 50x50cm)

Watch passersby
And time
Passing by

Berlin Night 
(Oil on canvas, 70x70cm)

Cold air
Should I go home?
Or back in?

(Oil on paper, 29.5x21cm)
No looking back
Walk away
Things to do
Places to be

Our Circle 
(Oil on paper, 29x14.5cm)

That teen age
When we stand in circles
That become our whole world
Until we break free