Tidal Echoes of Place-Time

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“Place is a manifestation of memories and it’s entangled with a moment in time (…) Space is transformed into a place as it acquires definition and meaning.”


Tidal Echoes of Place-Time is a project that explores how our spatial location at a specific time when born becomes place-time (place of birth). I was born in Berlin but left before the age of two. Before I could retain any memory. The image of this place consists of hand-down memories, and borrowed experiences from my mother, uncles, and grandparents. These hand-down memories like sound waves, each time visited fade and expand. And like astronomers trying to map astronomical data through sound, I tried to complete these stories with speculations, photographs, documents, and imagination resulting in a phantom portrait.

We don't remember our first place-time. We face uncertainty, but in the era of quantum physics where a specific point becomes matrices and probabilities, and where a particle becomes a wave, we ought to embrace nebulous representations.

Like the process to perceptualize black holes using data from decades ago, I composed a sonification of my place of birth based on old fragmented stories and adopted experiences mixed with current soundscapes and borrowed sound waves from space. I invite the listener to the ghostly ringing of field recordings from Berlin around Glogauair’s location, Perseus and Saggitarus A+ sound waves, melodic motifs, and incomplete stories. I invite them to listen through the headphones and outside of them, to follow the instructions if wished, to take a walk and experience space with the intention of creating place.