Showcase // Mette Sanggaard

From the 24/08/2021

until the 31/08/2021

Fractal Garden (2021)
Duration: 4.54 min.

Sound by: Mix of Alberto Rios, Andreas Dzialocha and Mette Sanggaard

To get the full experience please access the soundscape below.

Mette Sanggaard is a visual artist and designer working with spatial and sentient topics. Her work explores the interaction between humans and objects in relation to their surroundings and architecture. Through performance and staged scenarios she researches how different landscapes and encounters affect or interrupt the action of the body. How does one decide to act, move and choose direction and which transferences will arise from that?

The work presented at the showcase is a site specifi c peephole/look into an interpretation of the garden behind it. The installation investigates the relationship between the shown elements – will they play along or interfere with each other? Every component, both digital and analogue, has its own time and movement which will make the installation slightly change over time.

This showcase is the starting point for a spatial interactive installation that Mette Sanggard is working on during the residency at GlogauAIR. In her practice Mette Sanggaard invites the audience to interact with her work and participate in her research on how we as humans/others/non-humans are affected by coincidences and interruptions in the way we communicate and act in the world.