Showcase // Camilla Marinoni

From the 30/01/2024

until the 06/02/2024

Strange Foreign Bodies, 2024

Nylon, polyester, clay, cotton, wine, makeup

35 x 110 x 30 cm


The philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy wrote: ‘Right down to the depths of its viscera, between the fibers of its muscles and all along its irrigation channels, the body exposes itself, exposes to the outside the inside that constantly recedes, fleeing ever deeper into the depths of the abyss that it is.”

I inquire into the concepts of ego and self, exploring how we position ourselves in the world and establish connections with it.

How intimately acquainted are we with our bodies? The folds, moles, orifices, fibers, and our cognitive organ—how well do we understand them? What lies within our stomach, and how does our mind navigate?


This artwork is part of my latest research, delving into the enigma of the body’s impenetrability, the unknowable aspects of nature, the mysteries that surround us, and the quest to uncover traces of life.