Meet the Artist // Isu Kim

Isu Kim is a visual artist based in Frankfurt. Her main series of work Composition is based on the design thinking principle whereby she challenges the origin of shapes, colours and materials to visualise a narrative. These new aesthetics are created through painting, installation and video/gif images.

Unlike the previous works which focused on the formative components on the canvas, she is currently focusing on a more specific and definite idea in the composition which she belongs to – Reality. She grew up in Korea, a divided nation, with complex political, economic and social issues. Even after intentionally leaving her home country, these issues continuously followed and other problematic situations waited for her abroad. This new composition Full of ♥ finds small and fragile things but are filled with joy and their solidarity against constant confrontation, violence and crisis. Most of the elements in the composition are reproduced from the joys which have been shimmering in her memory by avoiding and hiding from the controversy, dreaming and persuading for the better. She believes in this power of solidarity and wishes to make them into soldiers to save us from the all kinds of violence. Isu hopes that this work can be dedicated to those who are struggling with conflicts and instead bring out the small and fragile unknown deep in their hearts – LOVE