Showcase // Elisa Pardo Puch

From the 09/04/2024

until the 16/04/2024

Untitled, 2024
Installation made with velvet, ink on canvas, wire and cotton thread. Graphite and oil stick on cotton canvas.
Size variable.

Elisa Pardo Puch creates installations combining drawing, text and sculpture, transforming the space, to propose new narratives with which the spectator can create a connection.
Her work deals with themes such as transformation, the unconscious, desire, memory and the construction of narratives.

Pardo Puch works with techniques that allow her to proceed in an intuitive, repetitive and meticulous manner – such as drawing or sewing. Thus, Pardo Puch seeks and extends these moments of repetition and insistence, which often occur with the use of geometry. The grid, the careful line, the measured and exact perspective are common in her work. In these physical processes, in the trance of her own making, Pardo Puch finds a self-absorbed distance where ideas emerge, conceiving the process itself as a form of channelling.