Showcase // Sona Bayrami

From the 15/02/2022

until the 22/02/2022

Where’s home? (2022)

Growing up as an Iranian-American woman and leading a nomadic  lifestyle, Sona always struggled to find her own place among narrow  concepts like “home” and “identity”. In fact, her particular experience  outside of these concepts is what inspired the theme of her project at  GlogauAIR. Where is home? Is it a place or is it a state of mind? 

In the showcase she strives to create an environment where she feels  most at home and at peace. For her, “feeling at home” means being close  to nature, engaging in rituals such as gardening, meditating, practising  yoga, and creating art. 

Beauty, then, is Sona’s second mainstay. Beautify your mind and your  body, align yourself with nature and find stillness in times of trouble and  uncertainty: These ideals take life in Sona’s work. Where is home, if not  a beautiful place? What is beauty, if not a place that we can call home?  What can we do to connect to pure energies and cleanse ourselves, how  can we find peace and tranquillity?