Meet the artist // Kayleigh Maimaran

Kayleigh Maimaran is an artist from Cork City, Ireland, who has been a resident artists at GlogauAIR from July to September 2022. This interview is the result of a conversation between Savanna Fortgang and the artist that took place during September 2022 in the residency.

Savanna: What do you do as an artist? What is your process? Why do you create the art that you do – what are overarching themes in your artwork?

Kayleigh: I’m a multidisciplinary artist working with video, sculpture and sound. I’m interested in the connection between the subconscious mind and space, and how installation art can be used as a tool to draw attention to our inner world.

S: How has your work evolved since being here at GlogauAIR? How has GlogauAIR changed your practice?

K: The architecture in Berlin was a great inspiration for me and it encouraged me to include architectural elements in my practice. During the three months of the residency, I experimented with different ways of working with plexiglass and creating small plexiglass sculptures inspired by the cityscape.

S: How did your artist journey begin

K: In 2021 I graduated from the Crawford College of Art and Design in Cork Ireland and have been working as an artist full time since. I always try to expand my artistic horizon so I’m hoping to do more residencies in the future.

S: Do you find art residencies important?

K: Yes, I think artist residencies are extremely important. I love to meet other artists and learn about other people’s work. I also think it’s a great inspiration to immerse myself in a new environment.

S: How does your art process look like? How does it connect with you and the art you make?

K: I always try to create work with an immersive approach that invites the viewer into an environment that is different from our everyday life. I’m interested in the idea of creating a space that functions as a layover of a non-physical space and an architectural space. I usually work on sound, video and sculpture at the same time and try to bring it all together into a concluded body of work. I often have a really strong vision when I start working on a body of work. However, sometimes I have so many ideas in mind that I have narrowed it down during the process. I love keeping a little sketch book with me for just random ideas so when I have too many plans for one project I write them down and save them for the next time.