Incident Reports: of art


A reading and open discussion on other ways to talk about art, with artist Gabriel Hensche, curator Ashlee Conery and the GlogauAIR fellows.

Place: GlogauAIR’s Project Space

Date: Saturday, September 11th, from 6 until 7 pm

Entrance: Free entrance


Has art begun to reach you through your computer or television? In the confines of your home during covid-19 did you seek culture and community through the digital experiences offered by artists and art galleries? And did you ever wonder, what is this? Is this engagement? What is my relationship to art now that I only witness it in my pajamas? Artist Gabriel Hensche (Berlin) and curator Ashlee Conery (Vancouver, CA) have been exploring since 2017 the possibility of considering one’s experience or memory of art through the shared languages of bureaucracy, motherhood and sudden witness.  

Adopting the posture of a spectator, while acknowledging their role as instigators, Hensche and Conery borrowed the form of German witness reports to co-author the catalogue Incident Reports in 2019. The form of this work takes into account the involvement of people and circumstances that led to artistic events during his residency at Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris. These protocols are concluded with a final report by Conery in which she adopts the conditions of a mother, a partner and a particle for considering one’s own perspective when acting as a participant, an audience, a curator or a bystander.

At this reading, excerpts from the catalogue will introduce new reports created with fellows at GlogauAIR to recount their works. The discussion will leave space for speculation about how the languages of alternative perspectives may lend themselves to more sustainable and inclusive art engagement. And we shall end by collecting your report of the incident for an infinite mirror document of the event.



Publication: Incident Reports (Verlag für Moderne Kunst 2019) 
Photos by Burrow, Berlin