Meet the on-line Artist // Suyi Xu

Introducing this weekend’s online resident Suyi Xu (@suyi.xu), New York-based painter. Her practice contemplates space, interiors and architecture, morphing them into a study about light and color fields. In her paintings, historical references are interjected with counterfactual narratives, addressing the idealism and authorship of these, especially how western institutional spaces act as a site of worship and repository of power and knowledge.

In Suyi’s practice, painting is used as a way of embodied thinking, every painting has its own journey. Architecture provides a formalist composition where colors meet and interact: each block, each space, is a color field to play with light. By manipulating perspective, framing, and chromatic choices, she aims to merge subject matter with a formal consciousness and resolve the tension between two-dimensionality and illusions. The subjects are responses to the spiritual crisis of contemporary existence, and the method a visceral engagement with the painting medium driven by the idea of a sacred intent.