Showcase // Natasha Katedralis

From the 27/02/2024

until the 05/03/2024

Possibility, 2024

Oil pastel, coloured pencil, collage on paper

50 x 170 cm

Natasha Katedralis is a visual artist based in Vancouver, Canada. 

Working with digital photography, material forms and often the meeting of the two, Katedralis’ practice is motivated by the perceptual and formal relationships possible within and in-dialogue-with the virtual space of images. Using the language of collage and abstraction, her work prioritizes sensory feeling, an orientation of close-looking and a material reading of the world. 

The artwork displayed in the showcase expands on her drawing practice—an exercise that is ongoing but typically occurring in the background of developing other works. This piece shares an accumulative thought process in which Katedralis was thinking about windows, communication, networks, volatility and speed.